Saturday, 15 June 2013


A real cool collection of photographs from American artist Dewey Nicks. Exposed to Hollywood from a young age, sparked his love for glamour, drawing him too study photography. 


Written by Ivan Gorgievski and Documented by David Lobb 

recently, a couple of friends and i built a few crappy little objects and transitions for ourselves too skate. as these builds became more and more, the site became known as the 'Animal Farm', due too many different inside experiences with wildlife of all kinds during construction. along with the whole do it yourself spirit, we really set out with no real idea what we were doing or how to even build with concrete, but i think we did alright. although what we built is terrible to most who dare skate it, slowly eroding from harsh weather and local hoons and is under the constant threat of extinction from authorities, it will be the experiences that we had that will stand the tests of time. the 'Animal Farm' is mearly a symbol of accomplishment for us; starting out with no experience at all with building and finishing with what resembled us, as a group of friends/skateboarders, the idea of a good time. 

Archie and Ivan || Baby Rat Ramp

Final touches on SnakePit
F/S rock'n'roll by Ivan

Zines are now available from BlackBird Corner, Abicus, RAD store and Newcastle Skateshop. If you are interested in a national or international free postage of this issue, send me an email at Thank you to all that have helped!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


stumbling upon boxes and boxes of slides from dads teenage years, really sparked another romance inside me. as i clicked them through the unruly, jamming projector i really started to fall in love with what my father had captured. from the long summer days spent in the water, hanging out in the parents backyard exchanging stories of great waves to the sombre, gloomy days during the winter where the once speckled shoreline of bronzed beauty now seems like an uninhabited desert of driftwood and dead sea birds. i told my dad that i wanted to share this feeling with others through the medium of creating a zine and asked if he wanted to write a story in it, with not much of guideline, he did. growing up in the same area as my father has all his life, really makes me feel a connection to what these photos display and the romantic vibe given off by them. although these are the photos that didn't make the final print, i feel they show nothing less than what i've described.

the sea doesn't lose its romance when you're gone

exhausted from the waves, hungry for the shore but dreading returning to reality 

surfer, late 70's

"in exchange for a surf, we would bring the lighthouse operator his mail"

dads station wagon is hot and cramped, we're all dazed from the long drive and in need of a pee stop when we come around to an opening in the dense salted forest. pull over to the side of the road and jump out of the car, the hot tar road does not bother us for we are attracted to the oceans beauty. the ocean is endless and the break is perfect.

brothers and friends, pre-surf trip / 1970-80s

one of the reef's best surfers, possibly the best, caught up in the wrong scene witnessing terrible acts flees the beach to not be seen again.

surfer, mid 1980's

sun soaking

the seashore's scavengers, every bird for themself

surfer on the reef

dad, as a young boy, triple corduroy  

pop loved to fish

inside the fragile palace of the oceans great movements

boy on beach, bar booming in the background

car wreck, 1980

sun bleached hair
golden baked bodies
constant breaking of waves
soothing the sounds of the 
scavenger seabird squarks,
endless summer afternoons
cold winter days walks, 
although always changing
the beach will always be the same
to me

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I'll start off this new blog by saying 'hello friends', my aim in this blog is too display my works, writings and projects with those who kinda want to know about them. I think i'll post extra photos and art from my zines here, creating a digital gallery if you want too call it that! Here i have attached my latest project, it follows the creation of our (a couple of friends and i) d.i.y skate spot. For this issue, i asked one of my friends who helped build this concrete haven, Ivan Gorgievski, to write a little story on the whole process. Ivan is an extremely talented writer, poet and sad boy who i'll deffinatly collaborate with some more in the near future! More info on the zine coming real soon, until then thanks for even looking at this!